Captain Roger Wylco

Free Captain, Federation Privateer, and Legendary Gunsuringa


Wylco is one of the most well-known rogues in the Verge.


There are more lurid stories about Roger Wylco’s adventures than seem possible given his age. He has taken more treasure and ships than any other pirate in the Thunderaan Verge, yet he is always broke and looking for a new ship. He courts only the most beautiful—and deadly—women, though his declarations of undying love seem to pass about as quickly as a portal storm! As a result, he has more than his fair share of love-hate relationships, with the most definite emphasis on “hate.” Though Roger has a girl in every port, most of them are looking for some kind of payback for a past insult!

Wylco was an expert marksman and explorer until he was caught and shipped to Nocturne as an indentured servant to a Ventrue Highborn. Captain Meto liberated Wylco when he sacked Nocturne, and the pair was dynamic until a dispute over Cecelia++. Wylco won the girl, but also a powerful enemy.

He is currently missing, but his last known location was in Grimme’s city of Lost Angels on Celestia. He frequently takes refuge from whatever his current difficulty happens to be in the sheltered asteroid fields around Tempest.

Captain Roger Wylco

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