Shan Fan

Imagine what Chinatown is like wherever you live, then imagine an entire city just like that, that starts on the ground and ascends into the sky, and you’ve got a good picture of Shan Fan. Some people call it New Tian Xia, or the Verge’s City of Jade.

The trip from Lost Angels coreward to Shan Fan—popularly known as the Tian Xia Run—takes anywhere from a day to three days, depending on your captain’s navigational skills and what happens along the way. Since there’s no easy access to Shan Fan from the galaxy beyond, most freighters enter the Verge at Lost Angels, then take the North Channel to the city. The Verge being even more dangerous than regular interstellar travel, a successful landing at Shan Fan is never guaranteed.


Shan Fan is run by the guāngróng de zhànlüè jiā, which means “Glorious Strategists.” Most people just call it the Shan Fan Dynasty.

Big Ears Tam

When the Throne of Jade was shattered by the Blood Imperium, the race was on to see where the Exalted should settle. Constructed by Exalted immigrants, Shan Fan initially served as a home for the multitudes arriving from Tian Xia, but soon became a haven for miners and salvagers of all races who craved a venue less pious than Grimme’s Lost Angels. With that influx of miners came a steady stream of wealth.

The Dynasty, run by “Big Boss” Big Ears Tam, is the only authority that has ever ruled in Shan Fan, and despite activities that would be considered illegal (at best) anywhere else, frequent bloody turf wars between dynasties, and scheming and maneuvering among lieutenants, the Shan Fan Dynasty remains one of the most well-respected authorities in all the Verge, and Tam is known as the “Jade Regent,” as he protects what is left of the Exalted Empire while the Jade Throne sits vacant.

The Neighborhoods

Shan Fan is divided into several districts, and you’ll want to be able to tell them apart so you don’t end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. The city is spread out above Shan Fan Bay, with streets originating at the Waterfront and fanning out into the hills and skies over town. The Waterfront is where visitors are most likely to arrive, amidst the many sampans, junks, and other vessels that frequent this busy spaceport, landing directly in the Bay after descending from orbit.

Next door is Stinktown, where the dirty work is done. Slaughterhouses abound in this meat capital of the northern Verge. To the north you’ll find Red Lantern Town, a wild neighborhood of cantinas and pleasure palaces, where a miner can let his hair down and throw back a few whiskies after long weeks out in some Godforsaken asteroid belt.

Taeltown is Shan Fan’s financial district, and the place where most of the Dynasty’s Bosses make their homes. Splintertown is the heart of the northern Verge’s lumber industry and the destination for millions of redwoods and sequoias from the planets of Kwan Province. Finally there is Prawn Valley, the odor of which competes with Stinktown on a hot day, where fish of all kinds are processed for food and oil. Much of the city’s Exalted population dwells here as well.

Three large islands sit in Shan Fan Bay—Angelfish Island, Sweat Island, and the Isle of Ghost’s Tears. Angelfish Island was the local source of voidstone crystal until it was completely mined out; now that industry has moved on to Sweat Island next door. Travelers are warned to give the Isle of Ghost’s Tears a wide berth—according to locals in Red Lantern Town, it really is haunted!

Shan Fan

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