Fraal: The Elders

Fraal, amid first contact

The Fraal are an old race, perhaps the oldest. Their lore says they were raised to the stars by a race they call the ancients. The ancients, though well intentioned and friendly to the Fraal, the were internally flawed and had a violent past. Shortly after teaching the Fraal space travel, the Ancients succumbed to inner turmoil, falling into civil war and destroyed themselves. This left the Fraal to face the universe alone, intent not on making the same mistakes. Although a good story, many historians don’t believe it, suggesting the Ancients are a metaphor for the Fraal’s less civilized past.

Now the Fraal are a widespread and nomadic species, calling no world home. They travel the universe peeking in on young civilizations, offering helping hands, studying, and influencing development towards the point where a race is ready to be brought into space at which point they introduce themselves and introduce the young space fare-ers to the wide universe.

The Fraal have a wide sphere of influence: they have been doing this for a long time. They have kept themselves out of prolonged war by maintaining a mostly hands off approach to the races they raise to space. It also helps that they have a huge advantage in technology, no race is quite brave enough to challenge them.

The Fraal are technologically advanced. Much of what they can do is so far ahead of what the other races can do that most believe the Fraal are magic. This advanced development provides a level of safety from the younger races.

Physical Appearance

The Fraal are around the height of an average person. They are slender, with translucent gray skin, and are often, but not always, bald, having light yellow, white, or transparent wisps of hair when not bald. They have large bulbous heads, punctuated with large, dark eyes. The Fraal are slender, frail individuals, appearing to be weightless and able to be snapped in two by a brisk wind. They tend towards developing their minds at the expense of their bodies.

Reputation and Perception

The Fraal are seen differently from different species. Most have a deep respect for them, colored by a bit of fear. They are seen almost fatherly to some of the races. To some, such as humans, they are seen as competition for resources. Most believe there is something shady about the Fraal, not quite trusting their motives.


The Fraal are usually reserved and quiet. They tend towards diplomatic jobs, but flourish as techies, pilots, and any job which does not require brawn or aggressiveness. They are patient and strategic, often thinking about the long game and willing to sacrifice short term for future returns.

Rarely do the Fraal become violent, but they do have a military arm. And there are the occasional Fraal who forgoes their race’s diplomatic ways to go into private, violent business. Fraal favor ranged powers to strength-based weaponry, using technology which often looks like arcane powers. The Fraal also have a strange set of mental powers, often using what appear to be psionics. It is unclear if this is real mental power of a technology beyond the understanding of other races.

Savage Worlds Translation

Advanced learning
Heightened Trait
The Fraal, over centuries of adaptation, have valued the mental abilities over physical ones. As such a Fraal is most likely extremely smart. A Fraal begins character creation with Smarts at d8, and may raise it to d12+2 through normal means (and up to d12+4 with edges).

Slow Pace
A Fraal moves and acts deliberately, and intentionally, never being rushed. This can frustrate some of the other races. Fraal have a Pace 5.

Arcane Background
The Fraal are gifted at birth with in-born technology which help them along the journey of life. These devices are part of what make the Fraal a long-lived race, and give them an aura of magic. The machinery which grants these abilities has its own power supply which can be treated as an Arcane Background[Fraal Implants].

Arcane Background [Fraal Implants]
This is the power that gives Fraal their ‘innate’ abilities, in conjunction with implants in the Fraal body. To take this Arcane Background you must be a Fraal, and it can only be taken at the time of character creation. Once taken, Arcane Edges, such as those to add more Power Points or add new Powers can be used to advance the implanted technology.

Arcane Skill: Fraal Engineering (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 1

The powers available to the Fraal implements are limited to those below.

NanoTech Armor Armor
Power Points: 2
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (1/Round)
A small force of nanobots excrete from the Fraal’s skin, and harden into a tough barrier, providing a +2 armor bonus, stackable with all other armor bonuses. A raise increases the bonus to +4. Using this ability costs 2 Power Points.

MedBots Healing
Power Points: 3
Range: Self or Touch
Duration: Instantaneous
The Fraal is capable of releasing a flow of healing nanobots into his blood stream. When activated within an hour of taking a wound, the MedBots will remove one Wound from the character, increasing to two Wounds on a raise. If activated within 10 minutes of being poisoned or contracting a disease, this ability can cure these inflictions. The ability can be taken as a free action. The Fraal can also give himself a cut and deliver his healing blood to another character, providing them with the healing benefits instead of himself. When use in this fashion the ability takes a normal action. Using this ability takes 3 Power Points.

Implanted Traits Boost Trait
Power Points: 2
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (1/round)
The Fraal is implanted with a small library of key information which allows him to improve one of his Traits temporarily. This can take the form of anything appropriate to the situation, such as specific knowledge on a task (Smarts), methodology for dealing with an individual or group (Charisma), physical attributes, leverage, or point of concentration (Strength), inner wisdom or peace of mind (Spirit), mental control of heart rate or normally involuntary processes (Vigor), or environmental effects which can be taken advantage of (Agility). In any case, no matter the situation, this effect allows the Fraal to raise the desired trait by a single step, or up to two steps with a raise. This ability allows the trait to be raised above its normal maximum, adding +1 for each step above a d12.

Wide Spectrum Detection Darksight
Power Points: 1
Range: Self
Duration: 1 hour (1/hour)
With this ability, a Fraal can activate sensors which allow him to detect objects on the dimmest of light. This does not detect heat signatures, but rather makes the Fraal able to detect light over a much broader spectrum, making things visible in light situations normally too dark to see in. When active, the Fraal receives half the darkness penalty, rounded down. For example in Dim light (-1) the Fraal would get no penalty, and in pitch darkness (-4) the Fraal would get only a -2 penalty. On a raise the Fraal can eliminate all darkness penalties up to -6.

Remote EKG Reader Mind Reading
Power Points: 3
Range: Smarts
Duration: 1
A Fraal can use this ability to visualize a target’s mental state and workings, map it against a known species database, and extract one truthful answer to a specific question (delivered mentally or verbally) from the opponent. The roll is an opposed roll against the target’s Smarts. The target becomes aware of the intrusion unless the Fraal rolls a raise. The opposed roll may be affected by mental conditions, so the GM can modify the check.


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