Blood Imperium

Determined to dominate the galaxy

Quick Overview
  • The Crimson Queen has lived more than 1,300 years
  • Imperium population far less than the Federation
  • Society divided between Ventrue and non-Ventrue

The true origins of the Ventrue remain shrouded in mystery. The Ventrue race was, in fact, largely unimportant until three thousand years ago, when masters of blood magic arrived on Venn and subjugated the Ventrue beneath their rule and their philosophy.

As the years passed, the blood mages intermarried with those they ruled, and within generations, the word “Ventrue” took on new meaning. This powerful new civilization began expanding rapidly, led by a growing population of ambitious blood mages. Fifteen hundred years ago, the Ventrue civilization’s boundaries reached the Jade Empire of the Exalted, and the Imperial Wars began.

The Ventrue Blood Mage Nagash led his armies in an aggressive campaign to destroy the Jade Empire. Though the Ventrue were successful at first, the Enlightened monks rallied back to defeat the dark sorcerers, systematically destroying the Ventrue civilization on Venn.

Unbeknownst to the Enlightened however, the last Crimson Queen of the Ventrue managed to escape the carnage and fled into Deep Space with her most trusted Counts.

These surviving Ventrue began rebuilding their society on a distant planet, hoping to one-day return for revenge.

Over the course of the next thousand years, the Blood Imperium recovered its strength. The Crimson Queen developed a massive Imperial military, a fleet of advanced warships, and undertook dark rituals which prolonged her life and her undisputed rule.

When the time for vengeance arrived, the Ventrue began infiltrating star systems in the Spinward Marches, sowing seeds of discord and making secret deals with local criminals and warlords. With all the pieces perfectly in place, the Ventrue launched an enormous offensive which caught the Jade Empire completely off-guard. In the first wave alone, the Ventrue succeeded in seizing control of several star systems in the Spinward Marches, destroying the Exalted’s shipyards in the Jian Te sector, and strangling the popular Ro Chen Trade Route.

After the initial crush, the Crimson Queen’s brilliant strategies continued and the brutal force of the Imperium military slammed the Jade Empire time and time again, from the deep sinkholes of Yueh to the tall forests of Agamar. Though it seemed the Blood Imperium was capable of waging war indefinitely, the Crimson Queen surprised the Jade Empire yet again.

While the Crimson Queen’s Blood Council engaged Exalted leaders in peace talks, several Ventrue Lords and an elite Imperium army sacked the Jade Empire’s capital planet of Tian Xia.

Destroying the Enlightened Temple and holding the planet hostage, the Ventrue left Exalted leaders no choice but to surrender several outlying star systems by signing the Treaty of Tian Xia.

Since the treaty, the Crimson Queen has withdrawn to pursue her own mysterious goals, deferring control to the Blood Council, and setting the stage for a brutal power struggle. In the political vacuum, the strongest and most cunning Ventrue and Imperium leaders are rising up to assume authority, consolidate the Imperium’s dominion and crush its enemies.

Blood Imperium

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