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  • Eye of Thundera

    The Eye of Thundera is a vicious, fluctuating black hole located in the Thunderan Verge. It appeared millennia ago at the fall of the Thunderan civilization, and remains as the greatest physical evidence of the event. It is utilized to great effect by …

  • Voidstone Crystal

    Voidstone crystal is the superfuel that makes hyperspace travel possible without the use of a jump gate. Voidstone is very volatile, however, and too much exposure to it can induce sickness and even madness.

  • The Spread Eagle

    The Spread Eagle is a modified T’Romm Industries freighter that was given to the Crew as a gift by [[:halus-t-romm | Halus T’Romm]] himself over the border world of Barrens. *Medium Starship:* Size 8, Acc/TS 55/700, Climb 2, Travel Speed 5, …

  • Free Captains' Regatta

    This annual starship race is organized by the Free Captains of [[Chaos | Chaos]]. The course changes each year, but is always a dangerous route among the various asteroid fields and singularities on the edge of the [[Eye of Thundera | Eye of Thundera]]. …