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  • Kamog-urak

    Size: Large Type: Rocky Atmosphere: Thin, Reducing Class: N Claiment: [[Weren]] System: [[sheya-system|Sheya]] Economy: Export of mineralized nitrogen and iron. This is a naturally uninhabitable planet, the planet around which the [[Sesheyan]] …

  • Sheya

    Size: tiny (moon) Type: Rocky Atmosphere: Thick, Nitrogen/Cabon/Oxygen Class: M Claiment: [[Weren]] ([[Sesheyan]]) System: [[sheya-system|Sheya]] Economy: Export of slave labor and bog-fruit. The homeworld of the Sesheyans. This small moon …

  • Karg

    Size: medium Type: Rocky Atmosphere: Thick, Nitrogen/Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Class: M Claiment: Weren System: [[karg-system|Karg]] Economy: Export of mercenaries and weapons.