Former Von Carstein Inquisitor and T'Romm Industries Test Subject


Race: Ventrue
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d12, Spirit d12, Strength d8, Vigor d12
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d8+2, Investigation d8+2, Notice d10, Persuasion d12, Piloting d4, Shooting d6, Spellcasting d12, Stealth d8, Streetwise d10+2, Taunt d6+2
Cha: 2 (6 after blood drain); Pace: 6; Dodge: 4; Parry: 6 (7 w/ Staff); Toughness: 10
Hindrances: Allergy (Minor: sunlight), Arrogant, Blood Dependent, Curious, Enemy (Minor – Mr. Gray), Power Negation (holy ground), Rebellious, Vengeful (Major), Weakness (Major: light).
Edges: Arcane Background (Blood Magic), Charismatic, Connections (The Blood Imperium), Investigator, Low-Light Vision, Natural Weapons, Power Points, Strong Willed, The Best There Is (super sorcery), Undead.
Gear: Staff of Maleficent (d8+d6+d4, Parry 1, Reach 1, 2 hands), bolt pistol (Range 12/24/48, Damage 3d6, HW, 10 shots), claws/fangs (d8+d6), NAME, Your Familiar (a human subservient to you that you feed on).
Blood Magic (45):

  • Decay (4): (Blood drain.)
  • Mind Control (3): Manipulate others with an opposed Smarts d8 roll. Contingent on a successful blood drain. (Hypnotic gaze.)
  • Super Attribute (14): Smarts +1, Spirit +2, Strength +1, Vigor +3.
  • Super Edge (2): Attractive, Very Attractive. Contingent on a successful blood drain. (Well-nourished.)
  • Super Sorcery (22): Level 12. Device (Staff of Maleficent).

As the spawn of two highborn Ventrue, and therefore a scion of the royal house of Von Carstein, your life of pleasure and excess has always been assured. But a life spent in royal courts, feasting on the subjugated races of a thousand conquered worlds, has never held much appeal for you. Your curiosity and rebellious nature has always proved too great to resist the mysteries of the galaxy.

It was this unquenchable thirst for knowledge that led you to the Inquisitorius. This secret division of Imperium Intelligence consists of female Von Carstein highborn that are taught the ways of Ventrue blood magic. Under the tutelage and direct control of the Crimson Queen, Empress of the Blood Imperium, Inquisitors are considered the highest ranking of all of the Red Queen’s servants. Once the ritual of bonding with the Empress is complete, the Inquisitor is indistinguishable from the Queen, so that she may move amongst the lowborn anonymously, and so to create the threat that any Inquisitor you face just may be the Crimson Queen herself. For centuries, you thrived in service of the Queen and learned much, but having always chafed under the yoke of authority, you frequently went beyond your orders and mandates to pursue leads as you saw fit.

While on one of these self-directed missions, you discovered a T’Romm Industries researcher known only as Mr. Gray conducting horrific experiments on Ventrue and the lesser races alike. This affront to the immortal Ventrue race could not stand, so you tracked the scientist to a remote facility in the outer reaches of the galaxy. As adept and intelligent as you are, this Ophidian researcher proved your better and was able to incapacitate you, and since you were not acting under any official orders, no one in the Imperium knew you were even missing. You were held captive for years while he conducted unspeakable experiments on you, when finally he took from you your most treasured dark gift – your immortality.

No longer a true Ventrue, you were far too disgraced to crawl back to the Imperium where you would be inevitably destroyed as an abomination, anyway. You decided to again grow strong, acquiring the powerful staff of an ancient Ventrue blood mage to aid your arcane skill. Operating in the shadows of the Blood Imperium, you have tracked this Ophidian cur to the Thunderaan Verge on the fringes of known space, where he is said to be a major player in something known only as the “Thundera Project.” You swear that for what he stole from you, “Mr. Gray” will pay tenfold, and you will be immortal once more.


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