Reverend Ezekiah Grimme

Head of the Church of Lost Angels


After the Fall of Earth, one group of human survivors was led to safety by the Reverend Ezekiah Grimme. He provided the large fleet of refugees both food and fresh water during their arduous escape, and eventually came to call his followers the Lost Angels. The group founded a city on Demeter in the Thunderan Verge, the world where they came to land, and Grimme named it for his beloved flock—the City of Lost Angels was born.

Reverend Grimme

Since then, Reverend Grimme’s become a bit more stern. He forced the city’s co-founders to build the streets in a pattern of concentric circles with the Church of Lost Angels’ cathedral at the center of it all. He claims he was inspired by a divine dream to create this “Celestial City.”

It wasn’t long before the city became the center of the voidstone crystal trade between the isolated mining colonies of the Verge and the rest of the galaxy, a fact that has escaped neither Grimme himself nor the Hypergate Corps. Despite the rough and tumble types that flooded in, Grimme maintained control for one simple reason: food is incredibly scarce in the Verge. The energies of the Eye of Thundera render most crops inedible, and the few herds anyone has tried to raise are inevitably ravaged by disease. Starvation is a very real threat in the Verge—or would be if not for Reverend Grimme.

Every Sunday following his weekly sermon, those who attend services may join the congregation in a great feast. Fruit, vegetables, and especially meat are free for the taking. Fruits and vegetables are hard to come by in the city, and meat nearly impossible, but Grimme’s feasts never seem to lack second helpings.

In any other city, Grimme’s feasts would make him a popular man. In the Verge, where a loaf of bread can cost as much as a man makes in a week, Grimme is seen as just a step below the Almighty Himself.

The Edict of 77

Reverend Grimme believes a hypergate route will only bring graft and corruption to his city. Outsiders often feel he is afraid a direct hyperlane would make food more plentiful, and thus shake his grip on power. Grimme, however, preaches his point of view at his services every week, so the Lost Angels faithful are firmly in his camp.

He railed against the coming of the hyperlanes for years, but finally their portals must have come too close. Grimme—long the de facto ruler of the city—took official control and declared the City of Lost Angels a sovereign state.

In his now famous Edict of Sector 77, where the Verge lies, he proclaimed that only true believers in the Church of Lost Angels could live in the city (though thousands of hopefuls live in Ghost Town, the “temporary” colony on Spectre, the greater of Demeter’s two moons). Those who do not recognize the church’s sovereignty are not only exiled, but considered enemies of the state as well.

As such, pretty much everyone in the city pays at least lip service to the church. Even visitors to the city—who are grudgingly allowed—are expected to toe the line, inasmuch as they are not allowed to practice their own faith within city limits, nor speak out against the Church or the city’s great benefactor.

Grimme’s law is enforced by his own elite, the Guardian Angels. These true believers always carry the word of Grimme for potential converts, and a blaster for troublemakers.

Grimme’s Crusade

Needless to say, no one outside the city of Lost Angels much liked seeing one man control a good chunk of the galaxy’s supply of voidstone crystal.

The Ascendant, Blood Imperium, Dynasties, and a host of other nations lost no time condemning Grimme’s move and calling him a despot, and the list of groups seeking the end of the reverend’s influence in the city has grown over the intervening years.

Even the zealous Grimme knows he can’t take on the entire galaxy. To convince folks the Church of Lost Angels is acting in everyone’s best interest, he sends small bands of missionaries out across the region to proselytize and recruit new followers.

Of course, the hyperlane barons don’t take kindly to the folks standing in the way of their quest for victory in the Hypergate Wars, and their armed gangs often attack Lost Angels on sight. For their part, the Angels usually give as good as they get. After all, it’s better to have the Word of God and a good blaster at your side than just the Word of God.

If any Hyperlane Corp attempts a final push into the City of Lost Angels, it’ll touch off a conflict as vicious and bloody than the Hypergate Wars themselves.


The Reverend Ezekiah Grimme was the first to start sorting people out after the Fall of Earth, and a movement grew up around him until finally it became a full-blown church. A mighty settlement was begun, and it grew into the most influential colony in the Verge—the city of Lost Angels.

Reverend Ezekiah Grimme

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