Captain Lass de Lancer

aka Sachie Morgaine, Pirate Captain and Mr. Gray's Lab Rat


Mercenary, pirate, naval officer, ain’t much difference between ‘em, least not as far as Sachie is concerned. Most of those differences come from lines in the contract, rather than action. But call yourself one or the other and folk treat you differently, and that just ain’t fair.

Recently, Sachie has taken to calling herself a naval officer. It seems respectable and folk believe it of ‘er. She even got some of ’er crew calling themselves naval crew. Well, maybe not exactly HER crew, but Captain Meto weren’t much of a captain, and the guys mostly followed Sachie. Mostly. But the captain got it in his head that they had a duty to protect the Verge against worse folk than them, against these T’Romm invaders. This would be a bloodbath, and none of their business.

Sure, Sachie cares about the plight of Celestia and Lost Angels, she even believes, she really does. But there is no chance of survival, and what the “Lass de Lancer” does is survive. She did her best to bring her crew with her when she left, but they called it “mutiny” or “abandonment”. This was surprising, Sachie is a leader, a damned better one than the captain, and these men, HER men followed her for years. They new her, trusted her. And now they abandoned her. There was more at play here than simple command, she is sure of it.

Captain Lass de Lancer

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