Kwan is a well-built, war-weary Exalted man in his late forties normally wearing his traditional Exalted robes. Otherwise he can be found in his ancestral Exalted power armor and wielding his four daisho mono-katanas, honed to the sharpest edge down to the cellular level.


Warlord Xiao Kwan is a warrior-poet who was once Emperor Sun Hai’s most-trusted teacher. Since the destruction of the Jade Empire by the Ventrue, Kwan has become head of the Emperor’s Blade Dynasty and commands the ground forces of what is left of the Exalted military. His samurai are unmatched swordsmen and tales of their exploits are legendary.

Kwan spends his time now maintaining the planets he has placed under his protection, training his samurai, writing chronicles of the Empire’s fall, and researching the dynastic bloodlines, seeking an heir to the Jade Throne.


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