Damnos the Flayer King

aka Damnos the Deceiver, Damnos the Destructor, Damnos the Traveler, and Damnos the Herald


The Flayer King is an agent of chaos and elder god of immense power. This Star God revels in death and destruction, but is also possessed of godlike intelligence. It completely lacks empathy, a conscience, and any concern over right and wrong. While it seeks to create war, strife, and anarchy, it does so through subtlety and manipulation rather than outright destruction like other Elder Gods, such as the Devourer.


Just imagine it as the worst possible mix of Loki and the Joker, and you’ll know how the Flayer King acts.


Once it’s in charge, exactly what does the Flayer King do with your unfortunate body? Pretty much whatever it wants, but remember the malicious star god isn’t an idiot. It’s very conscious of getting caught with your clawed hands too far into the cookie jar. Since the hellish jockey is tied to its host’s body, it won’t intentionally endanger you. After all, if you die, so does it.

Keeping that in mind, its main goals are chaos, fear, and mischief—but not necessarily death. While you are under the Flayer King’s control, it will seldom make an outright attack, relying instead on dirty tricks and subtle manipulation. However, should one of your companions find himself in a perilous and inescapable predicament, the Flayer King wouldn’t be able to resist taking advantage of the moment. Though it is weak, it grows stronger every day.

Above all else, Damnos the Deceiver wants its body reconstituted into its original, indestructible form. It fell in a titanic battle in the region now known as the Thunderaan Verge, so heading deep into the Graveyard where Thundera’s people founded an empire in her name on seems like the obvious first step.



In a time long since passed, it was Damnos the Deceiver who presented itself before the court of Szarekh the Silent King and granted him knowledge of the biotransference process. By teaching them how to transfer their souls into indestructible mechanized bodies, the empire of the Silent King would finally be able to defeat their ancient enemies, the feline Tazanians and end the War in Heaven. The transfer ultimately dulled their minds and eliminated their emotions and compassion, just as the Deceiver had planned and they became the horrific, soulless Necrons bound forever to the will of the Flayer King.

The Necrons marched across the cosmos, harvesting life-energy from entire races and worlds to feed their new, grinning master. The war against the Tazanians turned quickly, thanks to the Necrons’ ability to travel instantaneously between the stars utilizing a pocket dimension called the Void. Nothing could stand against them with the Flayer King at their head.

When all hope was lost, the Tazanian heroine, Thundera, drove a Pride fleet like a dagger into the heart of the Necrons’ empire and shattered the Flayer King into a billion crystalline shards in single-combat. Though she also lost her life in the battle, the weakened Tazanian Empire was refounded as the Galactic Kingdom of Thundera, the Necrons were banished to the Void, and the Deceiver was defeated.

This was not the end, however, as the Deceiver could not be destroyed so easily. The shards of the Star God spread across the galaxy, granting immense power and spreading insanity to those that found them. What is commonly known as Voidstone crystal is actually the shattered essence of the Flayer King and it is this energy that powers all manner of ultratech devices from energy shields to plasma weapons to Voidwalker drives.

Damnos the Flayer King

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