Captain Meto Fel

Free Captain of the Verge and Captain of the Fel Hand


Meto Fel is an old Ophidian Rogue Trader hardened by years sailing the void and facing its perils. Over a century old, he has kept his appearance youthful through a rigorous regimen of rejuvenating treatments, prosthetics, augmentations, and xenos technology. He also likes to dress flamboyantly, playing the part of the simpering noble or foppish merchant. This carefully cultivated appearance is all designed to keep his adversaries off balance and hide his true age and cunning. One of the few surviving members of the House of Fel, Meto has earned a dire reputation among his peers as a potent competitor and merciless opponent.


Crossing Meto isn’t advised – he is a true Pirate Lord, and he has gained much influence on the Pirate Council after winning the Free Captain’s Regatta last year. He has rights to the savage world of Dredd and a large fleet of allies and underlings at his command, including Captain Lightning Dharuba.

Captain Meto Fel

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