Big Ears Tam

Head of the Shan Fan Dynasty and supposed Jade Regent


Tam is an Exalted man in his sixties and it should be noted he is known as “Big Ears” Tam not because of his physical appearance, but rather because of the vast spy network he commands as the head of the guāngróng de zhànlüè jiā, or “Glorious Strategists” — merchant dynasty of Tian Xia.


Big Ears Tam began his life as a scholar from a small planet named Feng Xiang. He passed the government’s notoriously difficult civil service examinations and became a tax collector in Tian Xia. There he was initiated into that city’s chapter of the guāngróng de zhànlüè jiā. Soon he was ascending high in the Jade Empire’s official hierarchy and moonlighting as a minor crime lord. Forced to flee the Jade Empire of the Exalted when the Blood Imperium began its cullings, he transferred the Jade Empire’s treasury into safe accounts and made the arduous journey to Shan Fan.

Tam has since found the Verge to his liking and has no plans to return to what is left of Tian Xia. He is rumored to be the mysterious “Jade Regent,” as he protects what is left of the Exalted Empire’s vast wealth while the Jade Throne sits vacant, though Tam has neither confirmed nor denied this.

Big Ears has realized his every ambition, having great wealth and possessing the respect of the remaining Exalted dynasties. He has no big political agenda; he just wants to die at a ripe old age, in his sleep, with his fortune and power intact. That’s quite the goal for a dynasty boss and the man in charge of what remains of the great galaxy-spanning Jade Empire, but if anyone can do it, it’s Tam. The man speaks virtually no Basic, relying on lackeys for translation. He would be considered an outsider in the worlds beyond Shan Fan, but he rarely leaves his estate, let alone the city he commands.

Big Ears Tam

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