Space Pirates

Lost In Space

Season 2, Episode 11

After getting a heading on the Black Hand in the direction of Yolo and Dragon’s Breath, the Crew followed the Ventrue strike team’s dropship through an asteroid field in the skies above Shan Fan. Using punishing gun turret attacks by Ishmael and Serenula, expert piloting by Ming, and advanced electronics by Tenner they quickly destroyed the Blood Imperium craft.

After the destruction of his ship, the Von Carstein highborn was brought aboard the Spread Eagle. He attempted to destroy the Crew with forceful psionics, then escape them as mist, but was ultimately dominated by Tenner’s mind control.

They learned the vampires were there searching for “the Codex” by order of a Ventrue Inquisitor, and this relic of Necron origin was actually Tenner’s data core that gives him his power over time and space.

Upon learning this, the creature was swiftly executed by beheading by Ishmael’s halberd.



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