Space Pirates

In Search Of...

Season 2, Episode 5

Scourge the Bastard and Roxtar crewman Balbrek McIroncock set off in the Catenine Tails to the trade station called The Wheel to track down a scientist that knows how to decode the treasure map that Scourge skinned off the dead Thunderaan pirate, Captain Lightning Dharuba.

Arriving .at The Wheel, the pair passed a station militia throwing out a young, blonde human missionary for trying to convert and “save” the soiled doves at Butterfly Li’s pleasure house.

Asking around, they learned that the Ophidian scientist, Niko K’Lauber, was last seen at Butterfly Li’s and found that they were too late, as he had been murdered the night before. After some investigating and meeting a mysterious store owner named H.J. Kent and a group of Thunderaan braves led by Red Cloud, they found that K’Lauber had come to The Wheel after narrowly escaping another attempt on his life by these creatures in Shan Fan.

After calming an angry mob of settlers that were blaming the murders on Red Cloud and his cats, they learned that K’Lauber had been working on a new invention to terraform dry planets and make it rain. He had been murdered by a pack of slobbering, bloody-covered humanoid skeletons in his room just the night before, and found a bloody bone left behind.

H.J. Kent revealed himself to be a powerful psyker and told Scourge and Balbrek to be very careful, as the bloody bone they found at the scene of the crime is the hallmark of the Church of Lost Angels and there is more to them than meets the eye.

The bounty hunter and his partner left The Wheel headed for Shan Fan on the trail of K’Lauber and possibly another source that could decode the treasure map…



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