Space Pirates

A Wretched Hive, Part 3

Season 2, Episode 9

The Crew fought and killed the C-Rex much to Rat-Skinner Hou’s delight. They received a datachip from Six-Six on behalf of Cece++ but did not yet decrypt it. They negotiated a refund for some slavers who felt the slaves they got from Hou were used up and no good. Late in the night, they explored the depths of the palace, finding Hou’s accountant and learning of Hou’s secret Voidstone crystal mining operation on Yolo, and that he was trading all of his current output to T’Romm Industries.

Below they found a group of Oni guards, and a locked vault. Inside was a WEALTH of art treasures and a medical transport container that held Serenula and Lass’s Thunderaan fellow test subject, Ukandants Ifuwanoo. Confused and alarmed at seeing a synthetic being when he was revived (Tenner), he flew into a berserker rage before being calmed by Lass and Serenula. While explaining that he was to be moved to a more secure location after the pair’s escape, the last thing he remembered was being frozen for the transport.

While this was going on, Furious Ming found a jade figurine in the shape of a tiger and Ishmael noticed there was more to the four statues in each corner of the vault than met the eye. In a single action, he slashed open one and chaingunned every other automaton in the room, but after they were disabled the robots each exploded in a 30 foot radius of green lightning and energy, destroying nearly all of the treasure and rare art pieces in the vault. The Crew managed to escape the room unharmed, but with a small fraction of the wealth contained therein. As they collected themselves, an alarm began to sound in the palace above…



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