Space Pirates

Darkness Falls

Season 2, Episode 12

We flashback to Serenula and Ishmael’s first meeting as Brother Ish prepares to cleanse a tainted Church of Lost Angels shrine on the human colony world of Marsten in a small town called Darkness Falls. It is there Serenula went to recruit the crusader at Reginald T. Pussyfinger’s request. He believes Grimme’s former Angel of Death might know where to find Mr. Gray.

After a tense meeting, the pair agree to work together and work their way up the hill to the monastery at the top finding corpses trying to bar them the whole way up. The crusader and the Inquisitor just destroy nearly ten Bloody Ones in one foul swoop when in the churchyard, Ishmael takes a full clip to the guts and goes down for the count before Serenula, in her dragon form, finishes the foul creature off and gets him back up and in the fight.

In the church itself, Ishmael charges headlong into Father Attarib, the cult leader, who spouts prophecies of the coming of the Devourer, as he dies. Before Ish can reconsecrate this sacred ground, the entire town arrives in an angry mob and the Angel and the Dragon murder every last man, woman, and child.

Only then can Brother Ishmael cleanse this place and put their spirits to rest.



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