Space Pirates

A Wretched Hive, Part 4.1

Season 2, Episode 10

The Crew (Ishmael, Serenula, Phillip, Sachie[s], and Ukandants) felt the effects of some kind of change as reality shifted. They heard the elevator cable severed and the car plummet to their floor. Instead of flying up the shaft, they headed up the stairs and saved the accountant Gome from being disemboweled by a pack of cyberaptors. Ishmael then used him to bust open the door to the Guest Quarters which was rigged with a proxy mine. They faced a group of Content Not Found: oni before heading up the stairs to the Throne room, where Ishmael used his Lance of Faith to burst through that door (also proxy mined). Inside, they faced the unusually powerful majordomo, a T’Romm Industries cyborg and a pair of TI Corp automatons, and an Oni sorcerer. After some clever tactics by Ishmael and Sachie, the automatons and cyborg exploded in a huge burst, although the invisible majordomo and Oni sorcerer still survived. This didn’t last long, though, as Serenula magic missiled the survivors into oblivion.

Moving out into the streets outside the palace, Serenula teleported herself to go bring the ship when they were confronted with a superhumanly fast Content Not Found: ventrue strike team. As the creatures expressed their disappointment at not finding what they had hoped, they began to light the Crew up with their bolt pistols as they moved into melee range. It was then that Ishmael’s god, Sol, Lord of Light failed him not once, but twice. His Lance of Faith did not perform, but he did manage to channel his faith into a burst that weakened a majority of the Ventrue and destroyed one outright. This surprise move convinced the Von Carstein Highborn leader to make his escape and the whole strike team bolted just as Serenula arrived with the ship. A vigorous debate about whether or not to go after the Ventrue ensued, and after several failed attempts to teleport over to the Ventrue dropship, the Crew decided to return to the Black Hand to further discuss what happens next.

When they arrived at the rendezvous, however, all they found was the floating transponder of the Black Hand in empty space.



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