Space Pirates

Darkness Falls
Season 2, Episode 12

We flashback to Serenula and Ishmael’s first meeting as Brother Ish prepares to cleanse a tainted Church of Lost Angels shrine on the human colony world of Marsten in a small town called Darkness Falls. It is there Serenula went to recruit the crusader at Reginald T. Pussyfinger’s request. He believes Grimme’s former Angel of Death might know where to find Mr. Gray.

After a tense meeting, the pair agree to work together and work their way up the hill to the monastery at the top finding corpses trying to bar them the whole way up. The crusader and the Inquisitor just destroy nearly ten Bloody Ones in one foul swoop when in the churchyard, Ishmael takes a full clip to the guts and goes down for the count before Serenula, in her dragon form, finishes the foul creature off and gets him back up and in the fight.

In the church itself, Ishmael charges headlong into Father Attarib, the cult leader, who spouts prophecies of the coming of the Devourer, as he dies. Before Ish can reconsecrate this sacred ground, the entire town arrives in an angry mob and the Angel and the Dragon murder every last man, woman, and child.

Only then can Brother Ishmael cleanse this place and put their spirits to rest.

Lost In Space
Season 2, Episode 11

After getting a heading on the Black Hand in the direction of Yolo and Dragon’s Breath, the Crew followed the Ventrue strike team’s dropship through an asteroid field in the skies above Shan Fan. Using punishing gun turret attacks by Ishmael and Serenula, expert piloting by Ming, and advanced electronics by Tenner they quickly destroyed the Blood Imperium craft.

After the destruction of his ship, the Von Carstein highborn was brought aboard the Spread Eagle. He attempted to destroy the Crew with forceful psionics, then escape them as mist, but was ultimately dominated by Tenner’s mind control.

They learned the vampires were there searching for “the Codex” by order of a Ventrue Inquisitor, and this relic of Necron origin was actually Tenner’s data core that gives him his power over time and space.

Upon learning this, the creature was swiftly executed by beheading by Ishmael’s halberd.

A Wretched Hive, Part 4.1
Season 2, Episode 10

The Crew (Ishmael, Serenula, Phillip, Sachie[s], and Ukandants) felt the effects of some kind of change as reality shifted. They heard the elevator cable severed and the car plummet to their floor. Instead of flying up the shaft, they headed up the stairs and saved the accountant Gome from being disemboweled by a pack of cyberaptors. Ishmael then used him to bust open the door to the Guest Quarters which was rigged with a proxy mine. They faced a group of Content Not Found: oni before heading up the stairs to the Throne room, where Ishmael used his Lance of Faith to burst through that door (also proxy mined). Inside, they faced the unusually powerful majordomo, a T’Romm Industries cyborg and a pair of TI Corp automatons, and an Oni sorcerer. After some clever tactics by Ishmael and Sachie, the automatons and cyborg exploded in a huge burst, although the invisible majordomo and Oni sorcerer still survived. This didn’t last long, though, as Serenula magic missiled the survivors into oblivion.

Moving out into the streets outside the palace, Serenula teleported herself to go bring the ship when they were confronted with a superhumanly fast Content Not Found: ventrue strike team. As the creatures expressed their disappointment at not finding what they had hoped, they began to light the Crew up with their bolt pistols as they moved into melee range. It was then that Ishmael’s god, Sol, Lord of Light failed him not once, but twice. His Lance of Faith did not perform, but he did manage to channel his faith into a burst that weakened a majority of the Ventrue and destroyed one outright. This surprise move convinced the Von Carstein Highborn leader to make his escape and the whole strike team bolted just as Serenula arrived with the ship. A vigorous debate about whether or not to go after the Ventrue ensued, and after several failed attempts to teleport over to the Ventrue dropship, the Crew decided to return to the Black Hand to further discuss what happens next.

When they arrived at the rendezvous, however, all they found was the floating transponder of the Black Hand in empty space.

A Wretched Hive, Part 3
Season 2, Episode 9

The Crew fought and killed the C-Rex much to Rat-Skinner Hou’s delight. They received a datachip from Six-Six on behalf of Cece++ but did not yet decrypt it. They negotiated a refund for some slavers who felt the slaves they got from Hou were used up and no good. Late in the night, they explored the depths of the palace, finding Hou’s accountant and learning of Hou’s secret Voidstone crystal mining operation on Yolo, and that he was trading all of his current output to T’Romm Industries.

Below they found a group of Oni guards, and a locked vault. Inside was a WEALTH of art treasures and a medical transport container that held Serenula and Lass’s Thunderaan fellow test subject, Ukandants Ifuwanoo. Confused and alarmed at seeing a synthetic being when he was revived (Tenner), he flew into a berserker rage before being calmed by Lass and Serenula. While explaining that he was to be moved to a more secure location after the pair’s escape, the last thing he remembered was being frozen for the transport.

While this was going on, Furious Ming found a jade figurine in the shape of a tiger and Ishmael noticed there was more to the four statues in each corner of the vault than met the eye. In a single action, he slashed open one and chaingunned every other automaton in the room, but after they were disabled the robots each exploded in a 30 foot radius of green lightning and energy, destroying nearly all of the treasure and rare art pieces in the vault. The Crew managed to escape the room unharmed, but with a small fraction of the wealth contained therein. As they collected themselves, an alarm began to sound in the palace above…

A Wretched Hive, Part 2
Season 2, Episode 8

The Crew has gained an audience with the Glorious Strategist crime lord Rat-Skinner Hou while seeking info on Lass’s father Black Hand Morgaine and the T’Romm Industries/Cult of Lost Angels plot, the Thundera Project. Hou’s secret palace is in the ruined canyons of Shan Fan’s moon of Zarra, once a profitable mining settlement filled with the palaces of wealthy Exalted nobles. Decades ago it was decimated in a surprise Blood Imperium attack and never recovered.

Hou has invited the heroes to spend time in his court so that he may gauge their character and skill before hiring them on to his operation. The Crew seeks to learn specifically what it is Hou is trading with T’Romm. Meanwhile, both Lass and Serenula have been receiving whispered pleas of aid that get stronger the deeper they go into Hou’s palace. All while the crime lord awaits the arrival of a T’Romm Industries negotiator.

We pick up with the Crew in Hou’s arena after having offered to be his champions in a famous gladiatorial competition that is fast approaching. They have defeated 19 of 20 targets they agreed to slay to prove their worth, and the only one that remains is the massive, hulking, servo-assisted power of a Cybersaurus-Rex!

A Wretched Hive, Part 1
Season 2, Episode 7

Lord Reginald explains to you the details on tonight’s mission after relocating from the last failed briefing.

Working with contacts he has within the T’Romm Industries Corporation, he has discovered that they are transferring resources through secondary sources through the Church of Lost Angels, fake contractors, and the criminal underworld of Shan Fan to keep the trail from leading back to the mysterious Thundera Project.

“One such secondary source is an Exalted crime lord named Rat Skinner Hou. Hou is a member of the Glorious Strategists Dynasty, though a different sect than the ones that have been trying to steal the relic I have been protecting for the last several weeks from Thin Noodles Ma. Hou and Ma are rivals, and this knowledge might be used to your advantage.”

“My contacts have said that TI Corp is not transferring credits to Hou, but they have been arranging moving resources to him in exchange for the Corp receiving other resources. What is being exchanged has not been specified, but physical resources are definitely being moved. It’s not much, but it’s the only lead we have.”

“The Omega Society has charged me with helping to uncover more about the Thundera Project, and they have authorized me to use you as my agents. We need you to travel to the desert moon of Zarra, here above Shan Fan, and find Rat Skinner Hou. See if you can learn what he is trading in and how it relates to the Thundera Project.”

Tonight’s session picks up as you take the Spread Eagle to the moon of Zarra. If you have any questions for Reggie, you can ask them now, otherwise we’ll assume the briefing was short and sweet.

You landed on the moon, scared off a gang of swoop bikers, and extracted Warrick Raden, gaining you an audience with Hou at his secret palace…

Season 2, Episode 6

The group had a briefing session at Reginald T. Pussyfinger’s penthouse suite at the Eight Immortals Inn on Shan Fan. Furious Ming, Tenner, and Lass de Lancer met Brother Ishmael and the Ventrue Inquisitor Serenula for the first time.

The briefing was cut short by a strike by two attack speeders that fired missiles and chainguns at the Crew until they shot, exploded, possessed, and crashed both speeders in less than 30 seconds.

In Search Of...
Season 2, Episode 5

Scourge the Bastard and Roxtar crewman Balbrek McIroncock set off in the Catenine Tails to the trade station called The Wheel to track down a scientist that knows how to decode the treasure map that Scourge skinned off the dead Thunderaan pirate, Captain Lightning Dharuba.

Arriving .at The Wheel, the pair passed a station militia throwing out a young, blonde human missionary for trying to convert and “save” the soiled doves at Butterfly Li’s pleasure house.

Asking around, they learned that the Ophidian scientist, Niko K’Lauber, was last seen at Butterfly Li’s and found that they were too late, as he had been murdered the night before. After some investigating and meeting a mysterious store owner named H.J. Kent and a group of Thunderaan braves led by Red Cloud, they found that K’Lauber had come to The Wheel after narrowly escaping another attempt on his life by these creatures in Shan Fan.

After calming an angry mob of settlers that were blaming the murders on Red Cloud and his cats, they learned that K’Lauber had been working on a new invention to terraform dry planets and make it rain. He had been murdered by a pack of slobbering, bloody-covered humanoid skeletons in his room just the night before, and found a bloody bone left behind.

H.J. Kent revealed himself to be a powerful psyker and told Scourge and Balbrek to be very careful, as the bloody bone they found at the scene of the crime is the hallmark of the Church of Lost Angels and there is more to them than meets the eye.

The bounty hunter and his partner left The Wheel headed for Shan Fan on the trail of K’Lauber and possibly another source that could decode the treasure map…

Losing Blood
Season 1, Episode 1
  • Ship was attacked by an Iron Dragon fleet
  • They fought off the Iron Dragon pirates and let one live
  • They encountered the Black Regiment and learned of their undead nature
  • They were shot at by a one-eyed monster
  • They vented the hangar bay and stole the bright red Iron Dragon boarding shuttle
  • As they made their escape, the Iron Dragon fleet just destroyed the Ventrue ship they had been on

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