Space Pirates

As Taken From the Journal of Cecelia++, Saga 1: The Verge Wars

Unexpectedly, we find ourselves in the midst of an Age of Opportunity. The Great Galactic War has given way to nothing less than a scientific renaissance, spurred by the new “superfuel,” voidstone crystal. The precious ore draws prospectors, miners, settlers, and explorers to the Thunderan Verge in droves, and fuels just about every one of those newfangled voidwalker drives everyone’s been raving about. With the cease-fire between the Quantum Ascendant and the Blood Imperium holding, everything should be right as rain.

Yet fear is everywhere, from the pirate-infested ruins that fill the northern Verge to the massive Ventrue fleets crouched at the edge of the Imperium border to the south. In my travels throughout the region I’ve felt a brooding cloud of fear over the dynastic city of Shan Fan, overheard anxious muttering in the spaceport cantinas of Chaos, and witnessed abject starvation in the scattered settlements on the planets near Lost Angels.

But everyone’s still in a rush to reach the Verge, and the reason can be summed up in just two words—voidstone crystal, my friends. It’s an exceedingly valuable commodity to be sure, and the Verge is just about busting at the seams with it—but it can’t be eaten.

Therein lies the essential irony of the Verge. In a land rife with the most valuable substances in the known galaxy, you can’t even rely on getting a mouthful of rations or a sip of fresh water. When mothers live in constant fear their children will sicken and die, when you have to fight for your bread on a daily basis, when the hunger and the struggle consume every breath — evil is sure to multiply in the shadows.

I’ve spent the past few years traveling the busted-up length and breadth of the Verge to bring you the guide that follows, in the hope you won’t end up as so many others do—starved, alone, and afraid. If you do go to the Thunderan Verge, remember two things: first, don’t ever get between a hungry man and his vittles if you enjoy life; and second, out here every man is hungry. Keep those words in mind, and you’ll go far.

Your Chronicler,


Space Pirates

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